Features and Benefits




Workflow Management

  • Support Multiple Workflows
  • Configurable steps
  • Automatic Step/Phase detection

Keeps your work moving efficiently at scale. Your process is enforced through configurable process steps and assignments – must-have, optional, sequential, parallel, etc.- and those steps advance automatically based on repair progress and condition.

Repair Planning

  • Multiple inspections
  • Build out Estimates
  • Approval Process

Create mechanical, cosmetic, and service-specific inspections to build out Estimates complete with parts and labor prices. Dollar thresholds for automatic approvals and multiple levels of approvals means you control your costs and stay informed of work authorized.

Repair Execution

  • Technician and vendor assignment
  • Hours tracking and validation
  • Service status tracking
  • Integrated photos and notes

Assign, re-assign, and balance work across vendors and technicians. Understand actual vs. flag/billable hours. Real-time status and repair phase for each vehicle (in repair, complete, rework, complete and problem). Adding photos and notes to estimates and ROs identifies and proves all damages and repairs.

Parts Management

  • Full Cycle Parts Ordering (quote, ordered, ETA and received)
  • Fully integrated with Repair Execution
  • Parts Inventory

Parts procurement and inventory managment is integrated into the repair workflow. Parts can be ordered directly in the system from multiple vendors and all orders are tracked, including returns and core values. Internal inventory is available as its own provider, allowing for inventory management across multiple locations.


  • Configurable Event Alerts and Notifications
  • Automatic Issue Escalation
  • Team and Personal Assignments Access

Every stakeholder is informed through the same single platform. Clients know when work has begun and when it will be completed. Vendors and employees know what work is assigned to them and what work is approved. Vendors see work that is assigned only to them. Work is reassigned based on different conditions like a problem or reprioritization. All activity displays in real time.

Accounting | Billing | Expense Tracking

  • Vendor Invoice Management
  • Labor Credit Tracking
  • Part Invoice/Credit Memo Management
  • Customer invoices

Vendor invoices are generated automatically only upon completed work, so you don’t pay for work incomplete. The system tells you how much to pay each vendor, and can be used to reconcile invoices. Labor and parts costs are fully disclosed, making reconciliation, payment, and customer invoicing quick and easy.


  • Real-time reporting and dashboards
  • Cycle Time, idle time, bottlenecks, transition time
  • Tech/Vendor efficiency reporting
  • Parts reporting (JIT, Core, etc)
  • Export data to custom reporting engine

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and Repair360 lets you measure everything historically and in real time. You’ll understand your operational efficiency at both macro and micro levels, and zero in on blockers and laggards to reduce idle time. Since parts are integrated, you have complete visibility into true costs and impacts of parts operations, allowing you to manage that resource as part of the whole. Advanced search functionality enables you to export any or all of the data for outside analysis.