Busy Shop Landscape

If Only…

If only there was a software that could manage back-of-the-house operations like our DMS does for the front of the house.

There is.

If only my technicians could be more productive.

They can.

If only I could see what’s keeping my inventory stuck in reconditioning for so long.

If only I could get better control over my Vendor costs.

You will.

Only if…

Repair360™ is the ultimate Fixed Ops and Supply Chain management software. This suite of tools is custom-designed for automotive reconditioning operations that are:

  • Too big to run on paper
  • Too big to run on spreadsheets
  • Frustrated using a combination of tools that only do bits and pieces (parts, inspections, locate vehicles, vendor management, etc.) and don’t integrate with each other, and maybe not even with their DMS.

Repair360 puts it all in one house where you can see everything about the vehicle, everything about your working environment, and everything about your employees and vendors. Everybody works out of the one application, so you remove the need to “swivel-chair” from one tool to another.

It’s really about keeping the back end of the company organized. Everybody is using the same tool. Everybody knows what they need to do, when they need to do it. There’s no more asking questions or briefing teams and employees. The technicians and mechanics know what work needs to be done on the car, as does the PDR tech, Body shop, Detailing, everybody. And management has a consolidated, comprehensive view of the entire operation, enabling scheduling, prioritization, resource and capacity planning, and performance efficiency.

Repair360 manages the entire back-end of the operation, while the DMS manages the front-end. Repair360 doesn’t replace your DMS, it complements it by picking up the inventory and managing the processes your DMS doesn’t.

Until now, there hasn’t been a good tool to manage the entire wholesale operation for dealerships and auctions. Now that problem is solved.

Management is freed up from the constant need to shepherd each car through the process, ensuring hand-offs from one stage to the next, alerting teams when their work is needed, and chasing down status for each vehicle in order to prioritize and make decisions. The system automates these regular tasks and processes so the manager only needs to be involved in exceptional events. The system allows for programming of expected time to completion for each phase of the recon process, based on the work required, and can send alerts if those expected times are exceeded in any phase. Anyone can flag problems or issues within the tool for attention, and the manager is notified.  This reduces human error, and reduces the workload of the manager while keeping them on top of all the moving parts.

Speaking of moving parts, Parts managers’ sourcing and distribution headaches are reduced through end-to-end automation and communication, while providing full visibility of parts order status and returns. The efficiency will be felt across the entire operation. See what’s coming, how many vehicles are waiting on parts, and how many parts are waiting to be installed.

Repair360’s administrative and supply chain automation reduces human error and reduces the workload for managers. It drastically reduces the number of phone calls made to chase down cars and status – everyone knows where the cars are, what has been completed, and when each vehicle is expected to be finished. And it eliminates errors due to changes in the RO. Everyone has the most current information at all times. Real-time, up-to-date information on required work and vehicle status is at your fingertips. 

With Repair360, all of the critical information to run your operation is available to you and your team on desktop or mobile devices. Now, with all these features in one environment, there is no need to train the staff on multiple programs.  

Time tracking allows for validation of actual time worked. You can improve productivity by comparing flag hours vs. timesheet hours submitted. Identify star performers and need areas, and track productivity by team, technician, service, or phase.

Repair360 puts you in the digital center of your operation to keep you in command and control. Your throughput of vehicles will increase, holding costs from days in recon will go down, vehicles will be available sooner, and your margins will improve as a result. 

If only there was a way to get this going in your business.

There IS! 

But only if – you contact us today for a free demo and a conversation.