Recon Inspection

The Daily Runaround

Managing Fixed Operations means looking after one of the biggest profit-makers in the auto remarketing supply chain. You and your operation add tangible value to your inventory, day in and day out. How much value gets added is a measure of your management skill and your team’s applied technical abilities.

Most fixed ops professionals spend their time and energy coordinating…well…everything! Coordinating with sales and your buyers to know what’s in the pipeline, inspecting and estimating the work, staffing and fielding the team of technicians and vendors to perform the work. Chasing down customer and management approvals to stay productive, Coordinating with the parts department and the Used Car sales manager. Managing vendors and sublets. Moving cars from one repair stage to the next. Updating the whiteboard or spreadsheet and notifying everyone when there are changes. Prioritizing and reprioritizing work, and answering a stream of phone calls to check status on one vehicle or another. Sometimes it can feel like a battle to get each car through the process and frontline-ready.

That’s a lot of activity, and as the number of cars in recon increases, it gets harder to keep the operation running at full speed and quality. It doesn’t have to be that way. Repair360™ is a complete reconditioning management system that gives you command and control of your recon operation, and keeps everyone from the C-suite to the shop floor informed and on-task to get your cars inspected, approved, repaired, refreshed, and frontline-ready in record time.

Repair360 is a software solution that every stakeholder in your operation can access on desktop or mobile devices to get the information they need to do their part. With customizable alerts and notifications, the team knows what work is approved and ready to complete. The software coordinates process step hand-offs from one recon stage to the next so there is never a question of where a vehicle is or “who’s got the ball?”. The workflow automation follows and enforces your process, updates everyone as the work gets done, and you get notified of any problems or exceptions. Now, instead of chasing down information or hunting for bottlenecks, they are delivered to you wherever you are.

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