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The good old days?

Remember the good old days when your operation ran on paper and whiteboards, phone calls and walk-arounds? Remember those long afternoons searching for a wayward car, the days waiting for parts to arrive, only to find you forgot to order them? Remember the good old days? …Nope, neither do we.

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Today, we’re welcoming innovations that can take your operation to new levels of productivity and profit. Repair360 software wrangles the beast that is your back-end from the moment a vehicle is acquired, through all the phases of reconditioning and preparation, on through to front-line delivery. A single system that manages all the facets of your reconditioning operation means accurate, real-time information accessible by all parties involved. This reduces errors, idle time, and re-work due to miscommunication.

Operations Management has complete visibility of every car in the process, the required work, and up-to-date status for each. They can review and approve recommended work as needed. No more need to pick up a phone or wander the shop or the lot to check vehicle status or transition between repair phases. Each vehicle is automatically moved through work phases according to its required repairs, and as each phase completes, the vehicle’s status is updated and the software begins the next phase – alerting techs and teams that work is needed, and starting the clock for that next phase. Workflow automation means management is alerted when exceptions or issues occur, but aren’t required to be involved with moving each vehicle from phase to phase. 

Parts managers are able to receive parts requirements for each vehicle as soon as those requirements are noted, can order parts right within the software from multiple vendors (including internal inventory), track orders and returns, and notify technicians when parts are available. This reduces or eliminates the phone calls and check-ins at the parts desk. Everyone who needs to know has the information at their fingertips. 

Cost Control is standardized through the built-in RO approval screen. Now management can see all estimated labor times, part quotes, and fixed costs before doing the work.This step reduces unexpected recon expenses and keeps your recon costs in line.

Sales know the inventory pipeline, can see the status of vehicles in process and their anticipated delivery. This sets accurate expectations, and allows Sales and Operations to collaborate to maximize revenue. No more finger-pointing and scapegoating between departments. The right information is available to all stakeholders.

Technicians know what to work on now, what to work on next, and when vehicles waiting on parts can be brought back into active work. Once their work is done on a particular vehicle, they mark it complete, and the software migrates the vehicle to the next step (QA or next phase). If they encounter an issue or need an answer about a particular car, they can raise an exception right in the app to get immediate management response. No need to drop a post-it or note on the manager’s desk, and hope it gets seen.

Vendors and Sublets have access to their tasks within the system as well. Vendor invoices are automatically generated in Repair360 only after the approved work is done and verified. This eliminates double-entry and ensures you pay only for the work that was approved and completed.

Customers can receive triggered notifications at any time during the process via text or email. These can include required approvals as well as status updates. Documents like inspection forms or photographs can be included to keep them up to date and manage their expectations. 

The Repair360 platform is a single software to manage the complex administrative and workflow processes needed to move your vehicles through reconditioning. It relieves the need to use different tools for parts, vehicle location, workflow, time tracking, inspections, vendor management, etc. This powerful suite of tools provides a collaborative environment where everyone stays informed and empowered to do their part and keep cars moving through reconditioning at full speed.

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